Types of Social Media Influencers You Must Know

The growth of social media as a way to market a product comes with a result of influencer marketing. What exactly is influencer marketing? To be described simply, it is a marketing effort which is done with a help of influencer. But what kind of person can be described as influencer, though? This article will explain it to you the six types of influencers, which may startle you.

What are the Types of Influencers?

Many people think that influencers are just those with hefty price tag to work with (per project) as a commission for their well-established popularity. Some people think of influencers as individuals who successfully make a lot of followers on their social media.

While both definitions are true, turns out those two are not the only types of influencers. Even us—ones who don’t have popularity in our ‘pocket’— even can be said as influencers, as mentioned in one source. The impact may not be as influential as that done by mega influencers, but normal people’s influence (not a celeb or macro influencers) is still visible though it comes in a smaller scale.

To give you an insight, listed below are the types of influencers according to various sources.

1. Celebrities

Often referred as mega-influencers, it is not surprising to have celebrities on the peak of influencers ‘hierarchy’. Celebrities often come with more than a million followers in their social media—and the followers’ engagement with the account should not be questioned anymore.

Therefore, if you intend to reach lots of people—like, millions of people—partnering up with celebrities is a great decision to make. However, keep in mind that you may end up with a costly price tag as well.

2. Macro influencers

They may not be as influential as celebrities, given the smaller number of followers (around 100K-1 million followers), but they are still influential. One great point about macro influencers is that they come with a lower cost than that in celebrities.

Aside from that, you should know that these macro influencers tend to be more diverse in terms of contents. Sometimes they don’t even have any niche to begin with. But even so, you can hire an influencer without any relevance with your brand, yet it turns out to be quite effective in generating brand recognition.

3. Micro influencers

From its name you will know that compared to the previous type of influencer, this one has a fewer number of followers. Although the number of followers is not that many, this type of influencers is said to be able to establish better rapport with the followers. Hence, it is the reason why engagement and interaction in micro influencers tend to be better than that in two previous types of influencers.

4. Employees

Employees, too, can be a great influencer despite not being popular and have a few numbers of followers in social media. They are the biggest insiders of the company, and they know the business well. That said, a company’s employees can be your excellent additional ‘pawn’ to promote the brand by the word-of-mouth marketing method.

5. Customers

This is where such referral marketing succeeds. Referral marketing is said to have a higher success in terms of generating conversion when it comes to promoting a specific brand. One of the key holders for this is customers.

Customers can unconsciously become an influencer by sharing their reviews over a certain product. Although it is not always about the online review, word-of-mouth can do wonders too for a business. That is why businesses must try to bring the best for their clients/customers.

6. Fans of a brand

They may not be a brand’s customers yet, but their love towards a certain brand may help other people to recognize that brand and even interested in making a purchase. Although this may not be as influential as other methods, introducing the brand comes as a great help coming from this type of influencers.

So, those are several types of influencers you should know. Which one do you think will make a great assist for your brand?